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benefits of protein

Tips if you buy protein

First of all, I want to say to you one thing. If you are not planning for gaming like bodybuilding, physique, etc. You don’t need a supplement. Because a healthy meal can also give results.
You want the best physics in a few months then you take supplements. But if you don’t do exercise then supplements are a wastage for you. People think if they take supplements they can build their body in a few days without a workout.
They are wrong because supplements do not make the body. The supplements give us much more protein, fat, carbs in one scoop. Is that you are not following the workout plan then protein is a waste for you. so please don’t buy it.

Benefits of protein

Protein uses to increase muscles mass and strength. Do work out daily but you not taking enough protein. Then you can not achieve your goals. Protein is good for health and when you do work out your muscles break down and they need protein to rebuild. And daily routine normal diet has not enough protein. So if you want to build muscles then you have to take protein. Protein reduces cravings and the desire for late-night snaking. Protein helps to reduce body fat and boosts the metabolism system. It helps to lower your blood pressure this is one of the best benefits of protein. Protein helps to reduce weight loss and increase your stamina. Protein helps for body repair and muscle repair after injury. Benefits of protein work on when and how much you take daily. Protein can reduce your stress level.

Protein quantity with age

*Children under 4: 13 gram

*Children ages 4 to 8: 19 gram

*Children ages 9 to 13: 34 gram

*Girls and women age 14 and over: 46 gram

*Boys ages 14 to 18: 53 gram

* Men ages 19 and over: 56 gram

After that concern with the doctor.


Deepak Sharma is an experienced person in fitness and conscience diet for being fit. His mission is to cut through the noise in the health and fitness industry. His vision is a world where daily people do exercise daily not in the gym but regularly where they want.

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