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Diet for muscle gain

Gym diet

Diet for muscle gain

Everyone wants to get strong and bigger. But many times some people don’t follow gym routine and diet timetable. Many people take meals but they have not got any results because they are not taking diet for muscle gain. When you go to the gym or any of type workout platform then you have some special skills or technics. Take meal before 2 hours of workout. Many people take meal only 3 times like lunch, breakfast or dinner. That’s not enough food. Because that calories burn in your workout time and you feeling weak full day. So be smart and change your meal-taking style and add some special nutrition to your diet. The 3-time meal is your base. After the workout take protein at least 50 grams. And add milk before sleep. Take meal after 2-3 hrs and when you take 6 to 7 meals in a day then you get better results.


1. Banana shake

2. White rice / Brown rice

3. Brown bread

4. Peanut butter

5. Dry fruits

6. Beans

7. Boiled Chicken

8. Eggs

9. Sugar potato

10. Pulses

Time of taking meal

When you wake up drink warm water. After that when become a little hungry take 4 roast bread and add some peanut butter on top of that and eat. Next, take 1 glass banana shake to get bigger. If you want to look bigger and more muscular then eat brown rice daily. Afer boiled chicken and eggs takje some chapaties. When you are going to the gym then drink black coffee. After a hard workout, at least 6 to 7 sets drink your whey protein in milk. And if you taking protein in the morning also then take it in water because of fast digestive. And take dinner after that when you are going to bed take one glass of boiled milk and take some dry fruits with it.

So, that is your diet or timetable or for getting bigger or muscular


Deepak Sharma is an experienced person in fitness and conscience diet for being fit. His mission is to cut through the noise in the health and fitness industry. His vision is a world where daily people do exercise daily not in the gym but regularly where they want.

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